Running: My Origin

Asics Schoolyard TS
Asics School Yard TS in Elephant Blue/White

I want to begin solidifying my background in running with all of you. This will take some time, but I want to gain your trust. I want you, my readers, to know that there is validity in what I say in regards to this amazing sport. I’ll begin with stating something as simple to me as 1+1. Running always has been and always will be an important aspect of my life. See, my parents met in high school because they both went out for cross-country. When I was only three days old, my parents cross-country coach from high school bought me my first pair of running shoes. A couple of months later my father decided he would begin his adventure in coaching. I grew up with his high school athletes being my babysitters and running havoc with my little brother around the track meets. We used to chase each other onto the track while events were running. Yeah, we were not the smartest kids, but everyone seemed to love us because they were basically our family.

I personally began running when I was only five years old. Yea, FIVE! My parents high school coach and my dad used to run in a summer series weekly 5k with me when I was young. They would trade-off who would run incredibly slow with me throughout the race. Those of us who run, definitely know that running slowly can be difficult and, at times, painful. I am thankful for their support of my love and passion for running at such a young age. 

Now, although my dad was a coach, he was not strict. He did not demand that I go out and run every single day. He actually would not let me do that at a young age. He wanted to avoid running me into the ground and causing me to build a hatred for the sport. So, I ran in charity races around my city whenever they were available and a practice or two occasionally with my dad’s team at the time.

Summer and I (2008)
One of my high school best friends, Summer, and I after a cross-country race.

I witnessed, first hand, in high school what my running life could have been like if I did not have my loving and supporting parents. If I had intense, demanding, and competitive parents, I could have ended up hating running by the time I was graduating high school. Instead, I loved it. I chose to skip prom to run at Mt. Sac Relays, one of the most prestigious track meets in the nation. I went to college on scholarship and ran all four years. Granted, by the end of those four years, I began to hate running, but that is a story for another time, my lovely readers.

Have any of you experienced burn out with running and/or any other type of exercise? How about burn out with any other aspect of life? Do you have questions about burn out that you’d like to be answered? Please, let me know in the comments or contact me privately. At only twenty-four years old, I have experienced burn out in two different aspects of my life, one being running. If this is something that piques your interest, be on the look out, those posts are coming.

Well there you have it, the beginning of my running life. There is still so much to be told. There is still so much to discuss. Stay tuned.

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