Running: Progress Update 1

Well, last week was not the best when it came to making progress in getting back to running. The week started off well, but, me being my eager self, pushed a little too much too soon. Up until Monday 12/04, I had been working out only a few days a week. I was trying to make sure I’d give my hip enough time to rest and recover after every workout. I went ahead and tossed out that idea last week. I worked out 4 days in a row and ended up paying for it. My hip was achy, tight, and the joint kept popping like crazy. I am not going to try and hide it, I was genuinely scared I injured myself by over doing it. So, I ended up taking the weekend off and it looks like today as well. I’m still feeling weak and achy, but luckily enough I am no longer feeling tight and my hip isn’t popping quite as often.

With all of that said, here are my runs and workouts from last week! Hopefully I can get going tomorrow, as well as keep it up throughout my holiday travels. Stay tuned for my next update to see how it all goes.

Monday 12/04: 10:00 minute run – 1.32 miles

Tuesday 12/05: 1.5 mile run – 12:01 and hip rehab

Wednesday 12/06: Rock Climbing

Thursday 12/07: 15:00 minute run – 1.86 miles and bodyweight workout

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