My Interview Jitters

“Did she decide on whether she was going to attend a bootcamp or not?” A question I am sure some of you are wondering! Well, here is your answer: YES, I decided to apply to a bootcamp here in Chicago. I am writing this blog post today, because I am a bundle of nerves. It is interview day!

Holy cow has this process moved so quickly! It was only about 3 weeks ago that I truly took a dive, head first, into learning Javascript. I first dipped my toe in Javascript about 4-5 weeks ago. I wasted a week and a half on an awful tutorial that was causing me so much frustration. I wasn’t grasping the concepts the way I thought I should be, but then I found freeCodeCamp. I didn’t think that I could catch on so quickly, but then I did. Now, I’ve completed a Javascript assessment for this bootcamp, and they decided to move forward with me! So, that leaves me here, the day of the interview!

Why am I nervous? Heck, why wouldn’t I be?! I’m 3 weeks in to learning a new programming language! Yes, day by day as I work on more and more practice problems, I become more confident in my skills, but who learns a new language on their own in 3 weeks and just feels 100% confident?! The answer to that question is nobody.

interviewI know going into this interview, especially during the coding together section, I am going to make a few mistakes. The good news is, that is okay! I am allowed to make mistakes. I believe it is how I correct those mistakes that will be the key to having a great interview.

With all of that said, although I am nervous for this interview today, I am also incredibly excited. I am excited to see how I do coding with my interviewer. I am hoping that I do great today and get accepted into this bootcamp. I’m so incredibly ready to take this next step on my path to this new career! Wish me luck!

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