Post-Tonsillectomy: Days 5-7

So, after a few more days of rest, plenty of pain meds, and little food, I am finally starting to feel normal again! It has definitely been a mental and physical battle; being sick and in pain for multiple days in a row is exhausting. Thankfully, I have had a great support system around me helping me out, both mentally and physically.

Let’s not waste anymore time, I’ll dive right in to the details of days 5-7 post-surgery.

Day 5

Alright, so on day 4 I had a pretty positive mindset because I was having a good day. Don’t worry, it lasted pretty much the whole day. However, my throat hurt pretty bad by the end of the night. I had to take pain medication to fall asleep and ended waking up at 5:00am in need of more.

When I finally woke up later that morning, I was incredibly nauseous and the dreadful referred ear pain kicked-in. I spent almost the entire morning and early afternoon that way. I was unable to eat and had a really hard time drinking water or Gatorade. Any time I moved, I was fearful that I would vomit, which, let me tell you, scared the heck out of me! Could you imagine throwing up when your throat was still sore and healing? It makes me shiver still thinking about it. Thankfully, the nausea passed by 3:00pm and I was able to start slowly eating and drinking more.

I was unable to speak this day. My voice decided to disappear again. I had decided it was beginning to be a on-off thing, one day I’d have my voice then the next I wouldn’t. It was quite annoying, especially when all I wanted to do was talk to my parents or even just talk to my boyfriend.

By night-time, my throat hurt very badly. I was trying to avoid taking pain meds during the day but by the time it was 7:00pm I gave up. I had to take pain meds because I was crying the pain was so bad. The pain of not only my throat but also my ears. It was all getting so intense that I couldn’t take it anymore.

Day 6

Like the day before, I woke up right around 5:00am needing pain medication. I was so tired that I fell right back to sleep and didn’t wake back up fully until my boyfriend had already left for work. While sleeping, I somehow slipped my pillow down onto the bed flat instead of being tilted up and I stopped swallowing my own saliva and my mouth filled up. I woke up choking on my own saliva in a panic. My instinct was to quickly swallow it all as fast as I could, which was incredibly dumb and painful.

When I got out of bed, I decided to make myself some hot tea so I can try to get my throat to settle down to avoid taking pain meds. My goal for this day was to go without pain medication. Shortly after I finished making my tea, my boyfriend’s mom showed up to keep me company for the day. I was still a little worried about being alone for a long period of time, because I was still occasionally choking.

Thankfully, I was able to speak this day. I actually had my voice back. My throat felt swollen, but not terrible after I got my tea in me. I spent the entire day talking with my boyfriend’s mom. It felt so good to be able to speak and just keep talking and talking for once. Although, I would get tired after a while and need to take a break.

I was able to eat just fine. I would get tired after a few swallows and need to take a break for a few minutes before diving back in. My goal to go without pain meds, was going so well until almost 9:00pm. My boyfriend was getting tired of me whimper every time I yawned (which let me tell you, is INCREDIBLY painful), and handed me my pain meds. He said there was no use in me being in that much pain. I’m glad he is here to remind me that I don’t need to force myself to suffer. 

Day 7

I woke up this morning and did not need to take any pain medication. Again, my goal of today is to go without pain medication. Just by waking up this morning, I could tell that today was going to be different. It felt like a night and day difference, like a turning point.

I have my normal voice back finally! I broke the theme of having a voice one day and not the next. It still feels like I have a lump in my throat, but it isn’t painful to swallow. My ears still hurt a tiny bit, but not as intensely as before. Things are looking up!

Plus, I had my one week post-op doctors appointment today and everything looks great! I was given the clear to start eating normal food as tolerated! YAY! I am excited to not be hungry all the time anymore. As for my first meal, I have no idea what I’ll pick. I still have a few hours to decide.

The doctor said that within the next week, I should feel 100% myself again. I should be eating normally. I shouldn’t feel a lump in my throat anymore. The big bonus to all this news: I don’t have to see my doctor again unless something comes up! I’ve been freed. In a weeks time, I will have my life back. I won’t have my daily functions affected by my tonsils ever again and I couldn’t be happier.

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